SC-E Earthquake Prediction Research

T. Chelidze, "Percolation and fracture"

T. Chelidze, Yu. Kolesnikov, T. Matcharashvili - "Seismological criticality concept and percolation model of fracture"

T. Chelidze, O. Lursmanashvili, T. Matcharashvili, M. Devidze - "Triggering and synchronization of stick slip: Waiting times and frequency-energy distribution"

T. Chelidze, T. Matcharashvili - "Complexity of seismic process; measuring and applications - A review"
T. Chelidze, T. Matcharashvili - "Electromagnetic control of earthquake dynamics?"
A. A. Lyubushin - "Microseismic Noise in the Low Frequency Range (Periods of 1–300 min): Propertiesand Possible Prognostic Features"
Teimuraz Matcharashvili, Tamaz Chelidze, Joachim Peinke "Increase of order in seismic processes around large reservoir induced by water level periodic variation"
G. A. Sobolev and A. A. Lyubushin - "Using modern seismological data to reveal earthquake precursors"
Tamaz Chelidze, Teimuraz Matcharashvili, Otar Luursmanashvili, Nodar Varamashvili - "Acoustics of stick-slip deformation under external forcing: the model of
seismic process synchronization"


  The 2nd International Workshop 
on Earthquake Prediction June 22-23, 2006   


  Déméter International Workshop 
Toulouse (France) 14-15-16 Juin 2006 

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Chairperson: G. Papadopoulos (Greece),

Vice Chairperson: A. Ponomarev (Russian Fed.),

Secretary: A.D. Zavyalov (Russian Fed.),

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