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Database1 - Database of Thermically Anomalous Spring Sources

Thermically anomalous fluids of Italy deduced from Tioli L. (1894), Vinaj and Pinali (1916 and 1923), Touring Club Italiano (1936), Fanelli (1972), Fanelli et al. (1982).All fluids characterized by T° >=20.1 C were listed. 971 sites are described.

See also figs. 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d


Database2 - Database of mineral licenses for industrial extraction of Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide mining exploitation licenses deduced from the Official Bulletin of the Italian Ministry of Industry and Mine Corps from 1897 to 1986 with contemporary updates. 380 sites are listed.

See also figs. 2a


Database3 - List of Phenomena related to Earthquakes

Earthquakes and related pre-seismic, co-seismic and post-seismic phenomena deduced from Bonito M. (1691), Mallet R. (1862), Mercalli G. (1883), Baratta M. (1801), Boschi et al. (1995) and Martinelli G. (1997). 223 events are listed and described. For further explanations and possible download see annexes to Martinelli and Albarello (1997).

See also figs. 3a, 3b, 3c


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