This part of the site hosts the means of dissemination of the data produced within the scope of the project. For the time being, the distribution of the rasters and the vectorialisation is only planned for among the active project partners. However, the chance to obtain a gradual liberalisation of the data will be taken into consideration, according to the means and conditions that will be discussed collegiately by the project partners.

Taking into account the experience and the role that the National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) of Rome has built up in the recovery and the digital preservation of historical seismograms, by actually setting up a body solely dedicated to this purpose (the SISMOS Centre), a proposal has been made to centralise the image-processing activities at the INGV headquarters in Rome, for the time strictly required for the scanning.

"Seismogram Request" is a prototype version of "Historical Seismological Data Sharing" (HSDS). Through "Seismogram Request" it is possible to query and request historical seismological data that have been scanned by SISMOS group of I.N.G.V.