Set up and operating within the scope of the WG History and Data of Instrumental Seismology of the European Seismological Commission, the EuroSeismos project is managed by SGA for all of the operations concerning the recovery and restoration of the seismograms and historical-scientific materials related to the organisation and the running of the informationive site. These operations are set up witht he financial support of the INGV. The SISMOS centre performs the high-resolution digital scanning of the seismograms and makes the scans available by means of its database.

The EuroSeismos Project wishes to thank each and every Partner for their priceless contribution. Here is a list of the SGA staff members who have collected and managed the seismograms and the complementary data related to the EuroSeismos project and this Website.

The digital acquisition of the seismograms has been performed by the INGV-SISMOS staff coordinated by Alberto Michelini (

Euroseismos Project coordinator

Data collection and digital acquisition

History of observatories and their seismic instruments

Euroseismos Website